Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Book of Ruth- A Story of Redemption

The Book of Ruth-A Story of Redemption by Deborah Bateman is a daily Bible reading story of the book of Ruth.  It is broken up into eight chapters beginning with the loss of Naomi's husband and sons.  Deborah relates the story of Ruth in modern language and the reader is invited to travel with Naomi and Ruth on their journey to Bethleham. 

Each chapter of the book contains the story in modern language, the scripture reading, and a prayer.  Deborah wrote this as a devotional book for women to study individually on a daily basis.  However, I can see the book being used as a study guide in a women's Bible study group.  The lessons are short and could be done in six weeks if desired.  I can see the women discussing the issues that Naomi and Ruth faced and giving their personal input to the situation.  The leader of one of these groups needs to be prepared for some heated discussions.  I can see it now:
Group Leader:  "Would you follow your mother-in-law to a new country?"
Pollyanna:  "I would be glad to follow my mother-in-law anywhere."
Jezebel:  "I wouldn't follow my mother-in-law to the bathroom much less another country."
Pollyanna:  "Don't talk like that.  You should pray for your mother-in-law."
Jezebel:  "I do, but I won't tell you what I pray."
 You get the picture.  Now, seriously.  This book would make a great women's group Bible study.  I would recommend it for group or individual study.
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