Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dating Violence Sequel

Last week I posted about dating violence.  I had watched Downsized, a show about a family struggling during economic issues.  The 17 year old daughter had been hit and verbally abused by her boyfriend.  The follow up was last night.

The family met with the boyfriend and his parents who discounted every thing the girl said.  They defended their son, refused to believe their son would abuse a girl, and blamed the girl.  "She shouldn't have been there."  The boy's best friend validated every thing the girl said.

This is typical behavior of an abuser.  They always blame the victim.  I do not know if the family will press charges.  However, I do know that they probably saved their daughter and other children from future abuse just by being proactive.  They handled the situation very well.  If your child is facing something like this, take charge.  So something.  Say something.  Be a support for your 'child' even if your 'child' is an adult.  INTERVENE!
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