Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Humor

As an administrator, I was required to attend Law Conferences.  Boring?  Not at all.  Every year several attorneys spoke to us about educational law.  Each had a delightful sense of humor, but one shined above the rest.  This account of his Halloween antics is an example of his humor.

One year, the attorney decided to go 'all out' for Halloween.  Two weeks before Halloween, he decorated the front of his house to resemble a Haunted House.  On the front porch, he placed a life size stuffed Grim reaper sitting in a chair beside the front door.  There was a huge black cauldron on his lap.  Every night the attorney turned on colored lights to emphasize the scene.

On Halloween, he arrived home early and removed the stuffed figure from the front porch.  He redressed himself in the clothing, filled the cauldron with expensive candy with a sign that said, 'On Your Honor, Please Take Only One'.  Then he went on the porch, sat down in the chair and placed the cauldron on his lap.  He sat very still and waited for 'Trick or Treaters'.   

Please try to visualize this scene as you read.  The first customer--victim--was a small child accompanied by her father.  The child, who was old enough to begin reading, read the sign and took one piece of candy.  Her father immediately said, "Oh no.  Let me show you how this is done."  He reached his huge hand into the cauldron and grabbed a handful of candy.  As he was pulling his hand out, the attorney--grim reaper-- reached out and grabbed his wrist.  The man became so frightened and pulled away with such force that he fell off the porch.  The attorney continued the charade all evening and according to him was one of the best times he had ever had.

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