Saturday, October 29, 2011

Interviewing Becky From Lonely Hearts

Hello Readers,
Lonely Hearts

During the time we have been together, I have introduced you to different authors.  I love interviewing authors, but today I am going to introduce you to a character in a book.  The Character is Becky and she is the main character in the book Lonely Hearts by Amanda Stephan.  I was enthralled with book and captivated by Becky.  Please allow me to introduce her to you.

Theresa:  Good morning Becky.  I’m so glad you could take time to meet with us today.

Becky: Well thank you for asking me.

T: Amanda did a great job of allowing the reader to get to know you.  Do you think she described you well?

B:  Yes, pretty much.  At first I thought she was portraying me as a softy, but she showed my true self in the scene where I was teaching my children.

T:  Oh that’s right.  You home-schooled your children.

B.  Yes, I did.

T.  Why did you do that?

B:  Well after my husband died, the sole responsibility of raising my children fell to me.  When you are raising children alone, you want to make sure they are being taught what is appropriate and will be beneficial to them as adults.  So I decided to home-school my children.  That way I can make sure they know how to make appropriate decisions.

T:  Wasn’t that difficult?

B:  Yes it was, but I enjoyed it.

T:  At the beginning of Lonely Hearts, you are a widow with two children and moving to a new town that you have never seen.  You also have never seen the house you rented.  I must say, you do have spunk.

B: (laughing) Thank you.  I’m not sure it is spunk.  It might be a lack of wisdom.

T:  Well it turned out great in Lonely Hearts.  It was a good move.

B:  Yes, once I got the animals out of the house.  Then repaired the house.  Then trimmed the overgrown weeds. 

T:  Yes, but don’t forget about the chicken coop.

B:  Oh, I forgot about building the chicken coop.

T:  What on earth possessed you to raise chickens?

B:  I get these ideas sometimes and then I don’t know what to do with them.

T:  We’ve talked about you as a mother, teacher, and all-around handy-woman.  Now let’s talk about you as a heart breaker.

B:  Heart breaker?  Me?  I don’t think so.

T:  Oh, if I remember correctly there were three bachelors vying for your attention.

B:  For a short time, maybe.  But I hadn’t dated since my husband died.

T:  I’m sure you had offers.

B:  Well even if there were, I wouldn’t have accepted them.  My world pretty much ended the day my husband died, except for my children.  He was the love of my life.

T:  How old were your children when he died?

B:  They were toddlers, basically.

T:  They were certainly ready for you to begin dating in Lonely Hearts.

B:  Yes, they were pretty good match-makers.  The problem came when each was rooting for a different bachelor. 

T:  So which one did you pick?

B:  Now Theresa, I can’t tell you that.  You have to read the book.

T:  I did read the book.  I wanted you to tell my readers.

B:  Your readers need to read the book to find out.

T:  Alright, alright.  But I have to say that for a while it looked like everything was going to fall apart and no bachelor would get your attention.

B:  Yes it did.  Even I was worried for a while.  I kept think Come on Amanda.  Give me some answers. 

T:  So were you pleased with the outcome?

B:  I was happy.  Did you like the outcome?

T:  I loved it.  But if it had gone another way, I would still have loved this book.

B:  I read your review.  It did appear that you enjoyed the book.

T:  I devoured this book. 

B:  Maybe your readers would like to read the review you wrote.

T:  Oh great idea.  They can go to and read about it. 
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