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Triumph Through Trial Release


                               December 5, 2011 Kathie@BrightonPublishing.com

Brighton Publishing releases "Triumph Through Trial" by author Theresa Franklin in eBook

Theresa Franklin delves deep into matters of the heart with a touching novel of love and redemption

Brighton Publishing LLC announced the eBook release of author Theresa Franklin’s second novel, Triumph Through Trial, which is now available to readers in all eBook formats through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading retailers.

Fans of Theresa Franklin will delight as the author of

A Sunny Tomorrow returns in top-form with Triumph Through Trial to unleash her talents on a desperate family quickly approaching the breaking point. Everything we see on the surface of their public personas belies the truth of their relationships with one another. In literature, as in life, all lies—no matter how strong their foundations—must eventually crumble.

The stress of playing the perfect American family in public, while in private their life is in shambles, threatens to throw the family into desperation. All they seem to be is teetering on the edge of collapse, and the destruction of the family would take each member down in its wake.
Cynthia is beautiful, educated, and secretary of the church. She is an accomplished hostess and the picture of Christian love. But her seemingly perfect life is but a mirage, a mask she wears to cover the truth of her unhappiness.
Michael is successful, well-educated, and a deacon of the church. Serving God is one of Michael’s greatest joys, but some days it doesn’t seem like enough to fill the emptiness he feels at home. The children are the victims of this war of neglect and attrition, bearing the emotional scars of a love soured by silence.

In Triumph Through Trial, Theresa Franklin takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as, with Machiavellian skill, she moves her characters closer and closer to the point of no return. With a talented voice, she forces them each to look into the abyss, and then pulls them out in a climax readers will want to revisit time and time again.

"It is easy to make the comparison from Theresa Franklin to greats in her genre, like Nicholas Sparks or even Anne Tyler, who have mastered the delicate challenges of writing about the high-wire acts of love, marriage, relationships, parenting, dreams, and the ultimate challenges of the passage of time; and most especially when silences build seemingly impenetrable walls between people," said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing. "Franklin is a natural storyteller with a passion for her craft, and that is no more evident than to her readers as they turn each page."
Theresa Franklin is a Christian, wife, mother, administrator, and teacher. She became a teacher twenty-four years ago with the goal of showing children unconditional love. Now retired from education, Franklin is the author of

A Sunny Tomorrow, published by Brighton Publishing, as well as the children’s book, Don’t Forget Daddy.

Triumph Through Trial
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