Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The New Year is Coming

Christmas is over and the New Year is less than a week away.  Every year millions of people make resolutions that last about a week.  I'd like to present a new approach to you.

How about making one long range goal of what you wish to accomplish this year?  Then set several benchmarks (measuring points) to help keep you on track. If you wish to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year, break it up into four points throughout the year.

Long Range Goal--save $3,000 by one year from today.
  • Save $750 by the end of March
  • Save $1500 by the end of June
  • Save $2150 by the end of September
  • Save $3,000 by the end of December
Maybe your goal is to get organized.
  • Organize closets by end of February
  • Organize garage by the end of May
  • Organize paperwork by the end of July
Maybe your goal is to read so many books.  Break the number up into small increments.
  • Read three books by February.
  • Read six books by July.
What if your goal is to stop smoking?  Determine how much you smoke in one day now.  Then set your benchmarks of fewer cigarettes throughout the year.

The reason you do not want to set monthly goals is because some months are busier than others.  If you fail at your monthly goal, you may become discouraged and quit.  If you give yourself several months to achieve your goal, you can catch up during the months that are less busy.

Whatever your goal--stop at checkpoints occasionally and reward your efforts.  You deserve the reward just for trying.

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