Friday, January 27, 2012

Come On February 2, 2012

I am so looking forward to February 2, 2012.  Why? Because J.C. Penny has a big sale or a new concept on sales or something important happening that day.  More importantly, that loud, obnoxious, poorly written commercial will be over.  Do you know the one I'm talking about?  It is the one where one person after another is screaming "NOOOOO!" because they missed a sale or a coupon is required or they have some other problem with the sale.

I would like to know how much J.C. Penny Corporation paid for that commercial.  There are no great actors.  No brilliant sets.  Except for the woman who opens her mail box, all taping is done in a department store.  Think about it.  Set up a camera and some lights and ask someone to scream while you tape them.  This is art????  I don't think so.  It certainly isn't acting. 

Now I love commercials.  They are required to tell a story in 30 seconds or less--not easy.  My favorites are the Swiffer commercials where the dirt or grime is personified.  The elderly lady that is supposed to be a film "No one has taken a shine to me in a long time." is hilarious.  That is art and required some deep thinking to include words typically used for love and romance to describe something as ugly as dirt.  But every time the "NOOOO!" commercial comes on, I hit the mute button.  It insults my intelligence, hurts my ears, and invades my sanctity.  Surely a corporation that has withstood the test of time can air better commercials.
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