Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rollercoaster Pattern

Life is full of times when we feel encouraged.  Everything is going our way.  The world looks rosie and we understand all the 'top of the world' songs.  And then somethings happen.  The deal falls apart.  The relationship sours. The job plays out and bills pile up.  Our rosie world is gone and we feel like we are being stepped on by everyone.  The songs begin to irritate us--no one else has the right to be that happy.  And then something happens to encourage us.

This is a pattern of discouragements and encouragements.  There is even a name for the pattern.  It is called life.  Everyone goes through it.  Have you ever stopped to think why we have discouraging times?  If we didn't have these times, we would not appreciate the encouraging times as much.  We must go through the valley to see the view from the mountain top.  Times of discouragement teaches us patience and empathy. 

The times of discouragement also teaches us faith.  If we are growing spiritually, we should be able to remember the last time we went through an emotionally draining time.  Then we should remember how God brought us through it.  If we go through this time and time again, eventually we get to the point where we say, "I don't know how God is going bring me through this, but I know He is."  What we have learned in the past should help us trust God in the future.
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