Monday, February 20, 2012

Immunity From Sin

Unable to sleep due to a painful injury, I sat in the recliner and turned on the television.  The show that came up was called Unfaithful: The Story of Betrayal.  It is a series that tells stories of marriages in which one or the other has been unfaithful.  I watched several episodes.  What surprised me was the number of couples who were actively involved in the church.  Some were pastors or pastors' wives. 

Is it possible for Christians to be immune from sin?  No, we are nothing but sinners saved from grace.  What happened to these couples could happen to anyone.  No one can say with confidence that they would never fall into this sin or any other.  Given the right circumstances and under the right conditions, anyone can become an active participant in an otherwise unthinkable sin.

How do we protect ourselves from being trapped by Satan's pretty pictures?  When I conducted in-service for teachers of behaviorally challenged students, I taught them what to do when being baited by a student.  I would show a picture of a haunted house for emphasis and say, "Simply don't go there."  The same can be said for Satan's traps.  If we never put ourselves in a position to be snared, we can't be trapped.  Here are a few tips that might insulate us from the sin of adultery:
  • Don't be alone with a person of the opposite sex in a house.  If you need help around the house, hire someone.  It is not a good idea to ask a friend to come to the house when you are alone.
  • Don't go to lunch alone with a person of the opposite sex.  Even though you are in a restaurant, rumors can run rampant and once started are very difficult to stop.
  • Don't travel in an automobile alone with a person of the opposite sex.  Always ask someone to ride with you, even if it is a child or teenager.
  • Don't accept gifts from a person of the opposite sex.  Gifts are not given without a reason or occasion unless there is an ulterior motive.
  • If a confidential meeting is required, be sure someone else can see what is happening.  Leave the door open where you can be seen, but not heard. 
  • Have a habit of sharing your day with your mate.  It is very difficult to be involved in something that will hurt your mate if you are sharing your heart with him or her.
  • Pray for yourself and your mate.

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