Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sorry, 60 Minutes

I hadn't planned on writing about this, but I caught the tail end of 60 Minutes this morning.  The story was about the death of Emmett Tills, an event that has troubled me since I first heard the story several years ago.  In case you don't know about Emmett Tills, let me sum it up for you. 

Emmett Tills was a 14 year old African-American boy who lived in the north from July 25, 1941 until the summer of 1955 when he went to visit relatives in Mississippi.  During the visit, the teenagers walked to town.  As they were walking down the sidewalk, a beautiful woman walked by and Emmett made the mistake of whistling at her.  Later that night he was dragged out of bed by two white men.  Emmett was found in the river three days later.  He had been tortured and killed.  I will spare you the details.  They are way too gruesome for me.

Several investigations were conducted, but no one was ever arrested.  At the end of the 60 Minutes interview, Ed Bradley said something like 'it is quite possible that no one will ever pay for the death of Emmett Tills'.  Immediately I thought, Wrong.  God knows exactly who took part in this unspeakable crime and one day they will pay for it.  Knowing that God will one day right the wrong is a comfort to me.  I hope it is to the family. 

We all face tragedy in our lives; but we can take comfort knowing that God knows everything we are going through.  He feels our pain.  One day, in His time, He will make sure that the person who hurts us pays the price.  Thank you, Lord.
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