Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thanks for a Wonderful Birthday

I would like to thank everyone who helped make my birthday a great day.  The many birthday wishes warmed my heart.  I had offered to donate proceeds to Habitat for Humanity for any of my books ordered during the weekend of my birthday.  As soon as my publishers send me the exact total I will be sending a check.  I am sure Habitat For Humanity will appreciate the donation as much as I appreciate this fine organization. 

I am thinking of making this a recurring event.  You see, I wrote my books to be read.  Yes, fame, fortune, and monetary results would be nice.  But hearing "I enjoyed your book" means more to me that all the money in the world.  When my first manuscript Journey to Fulfillment was returned to me for a final reading before print, I asked a friend to read it for me and look for errors.  She let me know that she had been out of town when the manuscript arrived in the mail.  The next morning she was feeling down about her personal problems, but trying to fulfill her promise to me, sat down with the manuscript and finished it by that afternoon, no longer feeling depressed.  That meant more to me than any amount of money.  My book made a difference in the life of someone else.  Since the book is about my life, that means my life made a difference to someone else.  Now who doesn't want to know they made a difference. 
I will let you know when each Donation Day is coming up.  Please help me help Habitat For Humanity by purchasing one of my five books on that day.

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