Friday, March 9, 2012

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I think we should celebrate.  I wish I had the option of making my books free like other authors.  Unfortunately, my publisher will not agree to that.  Something about he wants his money.  I don't understand that, do you?  Just kidding.  I have three different publishers and all have invested money in my books, which gives them the right to set the price and get some of the investment back.

I may not be able to give away the publishers' portion, but I can give away mine.  For the next three days, March 9, 10, & 11, all proceeds from my books will be donated to Habitat For Humanity.  Habitat For Humanity is an organization which helps low socioeconomic people own houses.  I am partial to  anything that not only helps someone momentarily, but gives them a 'leg up' for life.  Habitat For Humanities does just that.  They don't give a home to anyone.  The person applying for the house must  invest hours helping others earn their houses before receiving one.  In this day of me only thinking, I want to support an organization that teaches others first.

Please help me celebrate my birthday and donate to Habitat For Humanities by downloading or ordering one of my books.  If you click on one of the pictures to the right, a link will take you directly to amazon where you can order the book.  Then please share this blog with your friends.  If you look right below this blog, there are links that will take you to Facebook and Twitter.  If you click on them, sign in and click Share or Tweet you can share this opportunity with your friends.   Thank you for helping me celebrate.
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