Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reflections of Rosalyn Due For Release

My second adult novel Reflections of Rosalyn, A Life of Victory will be released soon.  The publisher sent me the cover today and I want to share it with you.

Rosalyn is a recent widow who must now face life alone.  As she grieves for her husband, bits and pieces of the past come back to remind her of the events that brought her to this point in life.  Some events were joyful while others were painful.  But all contributed to making her the woman she is today.  Young people will identify with Rosie as she struggles to grow up.  Parents' hearts will ache as they watch this young lady face unimaginable pain alone.  This is a book for young and old alike.

Many times authors are asked which is their favorite book.  If I were asked today, I'd have to say Reflections of Rosalyn.  When I started this novel, I didn't know where it would go.  I cried as I watched this young lady's painful experiences and rejoiced at her triumphs.  The book is special to me, but this beautiful woman who just happens to be the main character has my heart.  I feel like I didn't actually write this story, but rather typed as I watched her life unfold.  This is Rosalyn's story and I am grateful she allowed me to watch her tell it.
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