Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catching Up

view detailsWell I've been MIA for a while and can't guarantee it won't happen again.  Let me bring you up to date.  I hurt my knee January 5 and have been in pain since that date.  The MRI revealed that both cartlidges of my right knee were torn.  The inside one had torn completely away and fallen down and forward so that it was in a wierd position.  The same MRI revealed that my knee was completely eaten up with arthritis.  The surgeon told me we would need to repair the cartlidges immediately, but I would need knee replacement soon.  He explained several times that I would not be completely pain free but the pain would be less than before the surgery. 

In March I had the orthroscopic procedure done and the pain was better--for a while.  Slowly it intensified and my gait became more and more awkward.  The doctor would not consider surgery until my three month evaluation.  The week before my appointment, my husband had a regularly scheduled appointment with the same surgeon, who treats him for chronic back ailments.  The doctor walked into the room and my husband said, "I am fine, but we need to talk about my wife."  He went on to explain that I had an appointment the following week and something needed to be done immediately.  The doctor wrote an order for X-rays to be done before my appointment and brought with me when I came.  If you have had much experience with doctors, you know this is almost unheard of.  The X-rays showed that my right knee is bone-on-bone.  Every step is excruciating because the two bones are rocking on each other.  The doctor said completely knee replacement was necessary.

Meanwhile, my daughter's wedding had been scheduled for two weeks from that appointment--no time for surgery.  We also had to be moved from our house six days after the wedding and I had committed to teach VBS beginning the day after the wedding.  My schedule has looked like this:
May 2--Husband retired.
May 11--Begin negotiations on metal building for husband's shop.
June 7--X-rays taken.
June 8--Doctor's appointment.
June 12--Problems with metal building factory begin.
June 15--Problems with metal building factory explained.  Most of the problem was my misunderstanding of the contract.  We worked the problems out and our building was again on track.
June 18--Engineered drawing of building was sent to us.  It was incorrected and we needed to make modifications.
June 19--Addendum to contract for building sent to us.
June 22--Phone call from supervisor of metal building to see why we hadn't sent the addendum back to them.  I explained that our daughter was getting married and we would take care of it the following week.  He understood and wished us well.
June 23--Daughter's wedding.  (I did the cakes and hor devours.)
June 24--Begin VBS and fax addendum to metal building factory.
June 28--Complete VBS.
June30--Be moved from house.

As you can see, I have been very busy and my energy has been zapped.  There were days I would think about writing my blog, but didn't have the strength.  We are now moved, although our house looks like Sanford and Son.  I am resting and my knee replacement surgery is scheduled.  I will try to keep you up to date as much as possible.  Please know this--If I am absent for a while, I have not left you.  Just spending my energy on more pressing, yet less pleasant matters.  Please pray for my recovery--both mentally and physically.  Surely my life is going to slow down soon.

When I am going through something like this, I think of the saying--God never gives us more than we can handle--and I think God has a whole lot more confidence in me than I do.

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