Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Have Reached That Age

view detailsIt seems to me that I have been stepped on or taken advantage of by businesses my entire life.  I have reached that age where I am not willing take it and remain silent.  Here is the story of my latest pain.

My husband and I purchased a metal building from a well known company.    Since I sent the down payment, it has been very difficult to reach anyone at the company.  I have since learned this is a common problem with this company.  The deadline for delivery of the building was two days ago.  The building has not arrived.  I have just left them a voice mail stating that they violated the contract and asking for a return of my down payment. 

If they do not return my call, I plan to begin a new blog about companies who use unethical practices and take advantage of customers.  This company will be my main focus.  I will tell the entire story including names, dates, and times.  I will set up a special email where others can share their stories about this company.  Later I may branch out about other companies, but warning the public about this company will be my mission.  Research has shown there have been 39 complaints filed in the last 12 months.  Many people have written that they did not get their down payment back. 

I am praying that these measures will not be necessary.  I am asking God to solve this matter quickly and peacefully.  I don't like bitterness and strife.  I have no desire to hurt this company, but I will not allow this unethical practice to continue without warning the public.
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