Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding Etiquette

dessertpeacock cakeI have been privileged to cater several wedding receptions in the past 15 years.  I spend hours designing and creating the cakes and look of the table to fit the bride's theme and personality.  The table is decorated with the bride, groom, and photos in mind.  This day will remain in the couple's memory for years and they deserve the best.  In recent years it has become customary to add desserts to the cake table.  These add to the ambiance of the evening and serve those guests who do not like wedding cake.  The recent trend is cupcakes, something that used to be for children's birthday parties.  Today they are a pricey indulgence and completely in vogue.  Some brides have elected to have towers of cupcakes and no large wedding cake.  I have included several pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Please let me state that NONE of the pictures are of cakes I decorated---but I wish they were.  They are beautiful.

RomanceWe are doing this :)In the last two weddings I have catered, I have had to ask guests to stop taking desserts or cupcakes off the bride's table until the cake is cut and pictures are taken.  Then I have had to rearrange the table I spent hours arranging earlier in the day, so the vacant areas didn't show in the pictures.  The guests seem to feel that as long as they don't cut the wedding cake, they are not infringing on the wedding experience.  

Here are a few hints from someone who puts her heart into serving the bride and groom and making their day one to remember:
  • Partake of the appetizers if invited.
  • If there is a separate dessert bar, enjoy it at any time.
  • If the desserts are on the bride's table, please wait unto the pictures have been taken, cake cut, and you are invited to the table.  This allows the couple to enjoy their day by being the first to partake of the table and the photographer to preserve the  memories for years to come.  Basically speaking, guests should wait to be invited to the bride's table.
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