Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally Our Priorities Are Straight

For months now, the news reports have been consumed with the state of the economy and health reform known as Obamacare.  Commentators have debated: Will Obama be reelected or not?  We have been inundated with information on international issues such as Foreign Policy, Homeland Security, Free Trade, energy and oil.  We have been overwhelmed with information about gun control, crime, drugs and civil rights.  There is an abundance of information about government reform, Social Security reform, and poverty.  There has been enough discussion on education reform, families and buyouts to sink a ship.  It is a wonder we can sleep at night with all the controversy filling our heads.

But today when I opened my homepage, I saw a story that put my heart at peace and let me know that America still knows what is truly important.  Apparently sometime between the morning and evening of January 19, President Obama's gray hair turned black.  The headlines asked Is Obama Trying to Turn Back the Clock?  The side by side photos are available on the web for you to judge for yourself.

That is right.  Forget about our soldiers who are dying in foreign countries.  Forget about starving children.  Forget about elderly people who cannot afford medication.  Forget about families who are losing their homes.  Forget about the executive with a college degree begging for a day-labor job.  Forget about all those trifling issues.  Take time out of your busy day to ponder this life-sustaining question: Did Obama dye his hair to cover up the gray? 

The headlines ask: Did Obama Dye His Hair?

I ask:  Who Cares?
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