Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Courage Versus Size

When my daughter was 10 years old, she wanted to play basketball.  That meant that we gave up every Saturday to sit in a hot gym watching little girls run up and down the court while used-to-be athletes tried to keep up with them and call fouls.  I worked all week, took her to practice after work, sat in the gym on Saturday, and attended church on Sunday.  There was no day off.  I was counting down the weeks until the end of the season. 

One day I said something like, "Just 3 more weeks." to one of the other mothers.  She replied, "Unless she makes All-Stars."  "All-Stars?  Nobody said anything about All-stars."  She made All-Stars which added another 6 weeks to the schedule.

Finally it was time for Nationals (in state)--don't know why they call it Nationals.  We loaded up vehicles and escorted thirteen 10-year-old girls to Austin, Texas.  We made one stop at a convenience store for a potty break.  Do you know how long it takes 13 little girls (not counting mothers) to use one bathroom?  After waiting too long, the girls decided to use the men's room also, since no men were in site.  While one of the girls was in the men's room, three huge male construction workers came down the hall toward the restrooms.  One little 10-year-old girl stood in the middle of the hallway--feet spread wide and hands on hips--blocking their way.  She said, "You can't use the bathroom."  Without a word, all three construction workers turned and walked away.  On that day Goliath didn't even bother to fight David.
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