Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shock Television

There seems to be a theme emerging in what is shown on television.  I call it shock TV.  What is it?  It is actors, actresses and wanna-bees engaging in behavior intended to shock the viewing audience.  Oh not "Can you believe that happened?" rather, "Ha ha ha, isn't that funny?" behavior. 

A morning news program showed an actor walking onto the stage of a talk show and kissing the host.  Not a peck on the check or lips.  A long, passionate, romantic kiss.  Neither of these actors are homosexual.   It was done strictly to shock and humor the audience.  Apparently the media thought it was hilarious because it was shown several times throughout the broadcast. 

Some of the behavior on reality shows are just as shocking.  Some of the costumes--or lack there of--on Dancing with the Stars deserve an "R" rating.  Some of the moves on that show should be rated "R+".  Let's don't forget "The Bad Girls Club".  This show has no plot, no script, no goal.  The camera is set up to capture a group of girls trying to engage in as much bad, raunchy, mother-embarrassing behavior as possible.  The Kardashian twins are sure making a name for themselves.  Even Bridezillas who treat their friends so poorly, one questions their definition of friendship.

The rate and level of declining behavior being shown on television is increasing rapidly.  We have become accustomed to things we would have blushed at just 10 years ago.  What is coming?  How about live abortions?  Or maybe live crimes of violence?  Why don't we top if all off with lions eating Christians?

Why is all of this once-considered-appalling behavior on television?  Because we have allowed it.  We watch it.  We use the products that endorse these programs.  And most of all we stay silent.  We don't speak out. 

This is my way of speaking out against the immoral behavior being broadcast.  I challenge others to find their own way.  Who will begin an email to be forwarded?  Who will begin a group on Facebook intended to tell the media how we feel?  Who will begin a tweet on Twitter? 

At the end of this week, I will post how many responses were made to this posting.  Please don't forget, if you click "comment" after this post, your response comes directly to me.
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