Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Light In Cracked Pot

I happened to catch Joyce Meyer preaching on television early this morning.  I know some denominations don't believe that women should be preachers, but I will tell you that every time I listen to Joyce Meyer I get a blessing.  She always seems to touch on something I need to hear.  This morning was no exception.

Joyce Meyer was preaching on accepting ourselves as we are because that is the way God made us.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We have all heard that before.  We have all said that before.  There are many sayings like "I know I'm somebody because God didn't make junk".  We've all read those signs and agreed with them.  We've taught them to our children.  But do we believe it?  Do we really believe it?

After preaching this, Joyce Meyer conducted an object lesson--one of the most effective teaching tools of all times.  She had someone bring out two clay pots.  One was cracked and the other was polished and perfect.  After she showed the difference in the pots, she flipped a switch and light shown through the cracks of the defective pot.  Nothing shown through the perfect pot.  Each pot had the same light inside.  But the light only shown through the defective one.  What a perfect illustration of how God uses less than perfect people to let His light shine through in spite of our faults.

Joyce Meyer summed up the sermon by choosing to be a cracked pot to let the light of Christ shine through.  I sat listening and thought that is what I need to do.  I'm not perfect, but I am made by God, paid for by Christ, and redeemed by His blood.  I will be a cracked pot for Christ.  He will do the rest.

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